With $4M From Khosla And More, ALOHA Launches A Wellness Platform That Helps You Drink Your Greens


Startups have begun to take on the food market with gusto of late, and a slew of new companies are now looking to connect consumers with high-quality meals, especially on-demand. Many of these startups also happen to be taking a healthy approach, not only joining the movement to revolutionize the way food gets sourced and delivered, but, by improving access to products, drinks and supplements, help everyday people make healthier choices when it comes to their diet.

Whether it’s businesses that help people to plan meals, improve access to better foods by showing you the healthiest options at your local restaurants or by offering Birchbox-style subscription programs for healthy foods and snacks, investors have taken notice of the growing trend. Soylent, the nutritional drink and food substitute, for example, saw a flurry of headlines recently after raising more than $1 million via crowdfunding and after attracting an additional

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