Good Article About Self Driving Cars

Education Stormfront

I came across this article on Slashdot and thought it raised a lot of good points. We are living in a time where there are a number of technologies that can change the world right around the corner. As these transform society, they will inevitably change the way people learn,  and therefore the school system.

From the article:

Yet a new piece in The New York Times by David H. Autor and David Dorn, rather provocatively titled “How Technology Wrecks the Middle Class,” hypothesizes that replacing human laborers with machines has proven economically devastating to a broad swath of society. “Computers excel at ‘routine’ tasks: organizing, storing, retrieving and manipulating information, or executing exactly defined physical movements in production processes,” the article insists. “These tasks are most pervasive in middle-skill jobs like bookkeeping, clerical work and repetitive production and quality-assurance jobs.” In other words, with more computerization, there’s slackening demand…

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