Disruptive Innovation – Products, Technologies, and People, too.

Alexander Szewczak

“Disruptive Innovation”, is a term popularized by Clayton Christensen in his classic book, “The Innovator’s Dilemma.”  The book describes his research into how product development and market competition mature and eventually create products that have been incrementally improved (through “sustaining” innovations) so much that, relatively speaking, they actually become too expensive and/or too complex.  Essentially, diminishing returns have set in.  Meanwhile, a new technology or product comes along which in many dimensions is demonstrably inferior. However, in some other dimension(s) the new technology has the growth potential to overtake the capabilities, cost effectiveness, or quality of existing products and make them obsolete (a “disruptive” innovation).  Clay uses the evolution of different computer hard drive technologies as one example, and another illustration is the mp3 music file. The sound quality of an mp3 is clearly inferior to a compact disk (CD) recording, but other features such as portability and ease…

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