Beef By Bitcoin!

What’s the need for government controlled currency when we have Bitcoin?

ordinary activism

I was about to go to bed, but I had to post this. This is the future that I envision, opening right before my eyes. Beef sold by a farmer directly to consumers using Bitcoin.

In my vision, ordinary activism is best carried out by acts of “disruption” such as this.

Link to the article:

Pay heed to the internet’s Third Wave Cows of Disruption

Summary: A small premium beef producer in northern New South Wales gives a hint of what the dawning age of mass customisation might look like. Cows with Bitcoin.


By Stilgherrian for The Full Tilt | September 19, 2013 — 04:47 GMT (21:47 PDT)

I have seen the future of the internet, as well as the past before the internet was even invented, and in both, I saw cows. Disruptive cows. Pay heed, because these Cows of Disruption can show us how things might unfold…

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