Augmented World – “SpaceGlasses” give you a glimpse of the interface revolution

future facts blog

Cyborg‬ ‪‎scenario‬ ahead?

  • “Mass media”: Not now
    Mobile AR will not be the gadget for the masses in the next 5 years, but …
  • Tool in professional branches: Yes
    Mobile AR (of theglasses / eye wear type) will become the standard interface in some professions
    – e.g. security (‪‎cybercops‬), army, maintenence, medical surgery
  • Hyper-‪‎transparency‬ angst: Yes
    as a consequence the ‪surveillance‬ topic (google PRISM, XKEYXSCORE, NSA super surveillance) will stay on the political agenda
  • Politics and law: Adapt fast!
    The law system has to adapt rapidly – else the wave of ‪augmentation‬ tech and hyper-‪‎transparency‬ might end in a disaster for civil rights and democracy


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